Magnetic Sheet Separator (Floater)

Magnetic Sheet Separator (Floater)

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Ultra Brand Magnetic Sheet Separator (Floater)


  • Used for creating gap between thin sheets and thus, removing sheets one by one easily from stacks
  • They induce similar pole force to each plate in a stack, there by creating repelling forces in consecutive plates, causing for separation.
  • Can separate oil stuck sheets or heavily piled-up sheets with less efforts and less time.
  • Any size and shape of sheets can be separated by using number of floaters at certain interval.
  • Compact design with strong magnetic field
  • Can be attached to machine or tighten to table
  • For better results-used in pair.

Cat No.

Size (mm)

UL -70701

75L x 90H x 50T

UL -70702

115L x 135H x 55T

UL -70703

150L x 270H x 65T